Continue song after replacing connected device

Yossi Malki 7 months ago updated by Александр Сасин 2 months ago 2

I like yandex music and use it everyday all-day.I also use Spotify and i think that your service is even better!!!
I will be happy if you can consider adding features which is supported by spotify and missing here
1. If you stop a song or replace device ( headphones, speakers etc) You cant continue the same song from the same point. Why?Sometimes you hear a good song and you need to go to your car , use another speaker and you cant return to same position.
2. I use Samsung watch a lot as a remote control for skipping songs, volume change etc. I can install a small widget from Samsung app store and use it for Spotify or saved tracks on my mobile phone or the watch. I believe that this feature can be useful also for apple watch but this is less important to me.

3. I have a Bose speaker in every room in my house with direct connection to wifi and streaming music services. I will be happy to have an option to connect them directly to your service

I will appreciate your reply
ThanksYossi Malki

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Здравствуйте! У меня таких проблем не возникает. Андроид приложение запоминает мою последнюю песню. В настройках есть соответствующий пункт, который я активировал.